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Papeeria is an online LaTeX environment. No installation and configuration needed. Access your LaTeX papers from any modern browser, laptop, iPad or even smartphones.

You see a project which has been made public by its owner. You can browse project files and try compiling them with Compile button above the text editor.


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Version control is not supported in archived projects.
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The project is not linked to any git repository.
You can checkout your git repository into new Papeeria project.

The project is not linked to any git repository

   You can only use SSH protocol to push. Learn more



Sync Papeeria project with your Dropbox storage for backup or archiving purposes.

Dropbox Sync is a premium feature.

Only project owner can setup and use Dropbox Sync.


Use project snapshots for saving the whole project contents for backup purposes. You can recover project from snapshot at any moment.

Project Snapshots is a premium feature.

You may want to ask the owner of this project to
upgrade to paid plan Delta


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        Auto Compilenew!

        Enable continuous compiling for all collaborators with new premium option Auto Compile in the compiler settings.

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        Auto Compilenew!

        Toggle auto-compiling in this project using option Auto Compile in the compiler settings.

        Auto Compile is a premium feature. Upgrade to enable auto-compiling in all your projects.

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        Auto Compilenew!

        Robot   starts compiling automatically when all collaborators stop typing.

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        Waiting for the first job

        Auto-compiling is now on. Please trigger the first compilation cycle explicitly to let robot know what it should auto-compile afterwards.

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        Meet Dropbox Sync!

        Sync files between Papeeria project and folder on your Dropbox. Find Dropbox Sync in Version Control pane.