We hope that your experience with Papeeria will be smooth and frictionless, but should you have any issues, we'd love to solve them in the best and fastest way. However, some issues may be out of scope of our support and their severity may vary, so we kindly ask to read recommendations below to find the best way to troubleshoot the issues.

In case of...

Production outage: site is not responding or you can't get or save file text or you can't compile.

Do: check if there are any status updates in our Twitter. If Twitter keeps silence, and the problem persists for a while, please send an email to

Don't: keep silence.

Issues with your data: Papeeria in general works but you can't access a project or a file or you see that some file disappeared, or something similar.

Do: is it urgent? Send an email to Otherwise, please use Feedback button or the ticket tracker to file a support request.

Troubles with LaTeX typesetting: "how can I use Roman numbers in enumerations?", "how can I make dashed lines in TikZ?", etc.

Do: ask your question on TeX Stack Exchange. There are many brilliant people who have very strong expertise on many aspects of TeX typesetting.

Don't: send us emails or file tickets, unless you suspect it is a Papeeria problem (e.g. missing package). We normally do not consult on LaTeX typesetting.

Not critical bug in Papeeria: slightly broken page layout; broken link; basically everything which is a bug you can live with for a while.

Do: use Feedback button or the ticket tracker to file a bug report.

Don't: send emails to alert@

New brilliant idea: "add export to MS Word!", "add a chat", etc.

Do: use Feedback button or Uservoice forum or the ticket tracker to file your idea.

Anything else: you want to donate us $1M or something like that.

Finally, if you're absolutely sure that you can't use any of these ways of support, feel free to send an email to Not everyone of our team reads that email, so please expect answers to be not that fast.


If you just want to say that we're awesome and don't expect any answer, feel free to write a review on Papeeria page on Chrome Web Store or tweet to us or comment on our Google+ posts.